Cloud9 2-1 defeated Outsiders in the EPL S17. Sh1ro presented a very wonderful personal show to everyone. Sh1ro was Killing Spree on map 1 and won 1.92 rating. The number of kills is more than twice that of Ax1Le, the second largest in the Cloud9 team.

Cloud9 will start the bracket run in the quarter-finals while Outsiders will be placed directly in the playoff’s second round.

This is also the third 1.9+ rating competition for sh1ro. He scored 2.00 rating and 1.99 rating against EG and G2.

Cloud9 is currently ranked first in the group to reach the knockout stage. Their next competition will be more than half a month later. If they can continue to maintain this state in the knockout match, they may win the championship.

作者 csgo