According to cadian, BIG members don’t need to worry about losing their highest rated member, sysoN. In fact, the IGL of Heroic is convinced that BIG is more suitable for young hyped than star sniper syrsoN.

After Heroic’s 2-1 victory over BIG yesterday, CadianN and Rasmus “sjuush” Beck sat down with the ESL hosts to talk about CS:GO, and he also talked about the recent personnel changes of BIG.

“I want to say something that may cause controversy. Hyped is more suitable for BIG than syrsoN. I don’t want to comment on anyone… I just express my personal opinion. When syrsoN gets three kills or his teammates play more, he just sits there without any emotion, nor will he drive the atmosphere to give more energy to his teammates. And I haven’t seen syrsoN speak. For example, in these BLAST live game videos, I have never see him talking.

The Danish veteran then explained the most important factors as a teammate and his view on how the CSGO team should operate.

“At least for me, playing CS requires five of us to constantly communicate and encourage each other to stir up the atmosphere in the team. Even if you are dead, you should also applaud your teammates when watching the game. This young man hyped is full of the desire to play for BIG, and he wants to be more integrated into the team concept of BIG. This is very suitable for BIG.

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