Richard Lewis, a well-known CSGO writer, wrote on his SubStack platform that Valve is likely to release the CS:GO Beta version of the Source 2 engine version this month.

Not only could this be the time the new game comes, probably under the working title Counter-Strike 2, it will arrive imminently according to Lewis’ sources — this ongoing month of March is the target, up until April 1. Richard Lewis said that this project has become the top priority of the entire Valve company, which is why no Operation has been released recently.

RL said: “At present, the first task of val is to release this version of the game, and then repair the bug and make it meet people’s expectations.” In addition, RL also quoted another anonymous person as saying that the game “is ready for release at any time.”

According to the report Counter-Strike 2 will come with 128 tick rate servers as well as new and improved ranking and match-making, as opposed to the current 64 tick rate servers and dated systems that sent many current Global Offensive players to third party platforms such as FACEIT.

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