Behind the record of continuous breakthroughs is the strong support of players.

Just last night, according to the data of steamDB, CSGO broke the number of simultaneous online users for the sixth time since February 2023, reaching 1.42 million. For a game released in 2012, it is really commendable to achieve such achievements.

And CSGO official tweet also released a deep “thank you” on Twitter: thank you to our 1.4 million Twitter fans for having arranged an organization to play CSGO games today.

(The total number of fans of CSGO’s official Twitter is 1.4 million, which is just the same as the online peak)

For the surge in the number of CSGO, external analysis is mainly due to the continuous good news. First, Valve released a new weapon box for change, and then the news of Source2 was released, attracting many players to join CSGO. This is certainly not the limit of CSGO. I believe that the day when the CSGO Source2 is released will be a real crowd!

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