VALVE announced today that the Paris Major from May 8th to 21st will be the only Major in 2023, and the Major scheduled to start in the second half of the year has been canceled.

The first Major of CS2 will start in March 2024. Interestingly, this is different from the schedule of previous years. Previous Major events are usually held in May, and the specific reasons for the changes are unknown. CSPPA stated that it would communicate with VALVE regarding the early Major and off-season period, and hoped that the new schedule would be consistent with previous sessions.

The shrinking of this year’s competition schedule has led to divergent opinions among major communities, with mixed reviews. Among them, Messioso, the general manager of Complexity, hopes that the 2024 Major will significantly improve the team’s dividend and revenue opportunities, thereby making up for the losses of the Major that was canceled this year. The cancellation of Major will be a huge blow for teams that have included their event bonuses and bonuses in their annual budget.

Previous Major competitions have given participating teams different proportions of dividends through tickets, stickers, and other peripheral sales, which is also a significant income for many clubs. For example, PGL Stockholm and Antwerp Major, Valve paid a total of $70 million in dividends for participating teams and players.

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