The Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine has published a list of athletes who did not return from abroad within the allowed period. The list includes Monte CS:GO players (Viktor sdy Orudzhev, Vladimir Woro2k Veletnyuk and Sergey DemQQ Demchenko) and B8 Esports (Arseniy cptkurtka023 Derevinsky, Denis amster Lyashenko, Mikhail OWNER Lymar and Alexey ALEX666 Yarmoshchuk).

In total, 236 athletes were on the list. Each of them had certain temporary restrictions on their stay outside Ukraine. In the case of the Monte and B8 players, the esportsmen did not return to the country after the completion of the RMR for Paris Major 2023 and did not receive a new permission to travel abroad.

As Ukrainian esports influencers noted, if players return to the country after being included in the list, then in the future they will not be able to attend tournaments outside of it, or it will be more difficult to do so. At the same time, in the legislation of Ukraine there are no penalties or liability for violation of obligations to travel abroad.

Earlier, the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine published an order banning Ukrainian teams from participating in international competitions, which also included Russian and Belarusian athletes. Based on the text of the document, the ban applies only to official delegations of the national teams of Ukraine in Olympic, non-Olympic sports and sports for people with disabilities.

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