The changes in Brazil’s formation make the situation even more unpredictable and enigmatic.

Earlier today, Brazilian analyst Gio claimed that his sources revealed that FalleN has signed a “preliminary agreement” with the FURIA team, and the deal also includes FalleN’s old teammate fer.

FURIA or recruit both FalleN and fer veterans at the same time

This is not the first time there have been rumors that FalleN will join the FURIA team. Previously, had reported on this news, revealing that FURIA may sign FalleN. The original report only mentioned that Imperial and FURIA had initiated contact but had not yet reached an agreement.

Now, gio’s information has made FURIA’s and Imperial’s lineup changes even more confusing. If the news is accurate, it is possible that FURIA will recruit two veterans.

The main puzzling aspect of this is fer, who has been absent from competitions since November 2022. If fer ends up joining the FURIA club, it means that Fer and FalleN will reunite after eight months. After bidding farewell to the IEM Rio Major last year, JOTA joined the team as a replacement for fer.

If FalleN joins the team, he is likely to replace the team’s AWPer Saffee and might even take over the team leadership from arT, allowing the latter to focus more on his personal performance. On the other hand, if fer joins the team, there is the possibility that he could replace the team’s rifleman, drop.

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