After a recent major update in CS2, Valve has also issued the third round of testing invitations. Now the question is, how can you determine if you are eligible to participate?

Firstly, you need to launch CS:GO on Steam. If your account has been selected to participate in the CS2 testing, you will see a prominent icon above the news section in the main menu, indicating that you have qualified for the CS2 test and inviting you to join. Below is an example image:

How to Check if You Have Qualified for CS2 Testing and What to Do If You Haven't

However, if you don’t see these icons on your main menu, unfortunately, you may not have received the testing eligibility. But don’t worry! According to Valve’s previous announcement, CS2 is scheduled to be released this summer and is currently undergoing rapid updates. It won’t be long before the public beta of CS2 is available.

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