Yesterday, TSM officially announced their new CS lineup consisting of JACKZ, interz, valde, CYPHER, and the emerging sniper MoDo, with the long-time idle XTQZZZ taking on the coaching role. These players mostly come from the castaways of the previous off-season, coming together to prove themselves and achieve success, making them a true “Avengers Alliance.”

After the official announcement, their former teams and teammates have all sent their best wishes, hoping that this lineup composed of five players who have long been overlooked can sail smoothly in their new club.

Firstly, NiKo and apEX, who have worked with both JACKZ and coach XTQZZZ, expressed sincere blessings below JACKZ’s post, and apEX once again tweeted to praise his former teammate who sat beside him and the bald coach behind.

Next is kennyS, the legendary Frenchman and JACKZ’s good friend, who didn’t hesitate to shower praises upon his buddy for stepping onto the battlefield again.

interz’s former team Cloud9 also conveyed their best wishes in his comments.

The rising British star and entry fragger CYPHER also received blessings from ITB management and his former teammate volt.

Though valde didn’t stay long at ENCE and didn’t achieve remarkable results due to firefighting reasons, friends from ENCE have also given him encouragement and support.

Major esports clubs have also gathered in the comments section of TSM’s official post, welcoming them back to the CS esports stage.

Of course, G2’s official Twitter account maintained their playful tone, bluntly stating that Team SoloMid would just be TeamSoTrash without their old player JACKZ.

Additionally, the star players Hal and Reps from TSM’s Apex division also warmly welcomed their new friends.

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