Complexity Player Ricky ‘floppy’ Kemery Shares His Experience with CS2:

cs2 thoughts in the fewish games i’ve played
-spraying feels random, pulling down feels bad like my bullets aren’t going into the cone i’m trying to produce
-running next to people causes rubberbanding
-smokes last slightly too long (very noticeable when retaking sites)
-something seems up with people peeking (looks like people are running and shooting, not sure if this is due to the model’s legs moving around like jello or interp/lag compensation)
i REALLY dislike how goofy player models look while running around and peeking. doesn’t feel like i’m playing a competitive esport.
-sv_jump_spam_penalty_time should be 0.01171875 to replicate 128 tick csgo bhopping in cs2 (jumping on objects one after another is very noticeable with delay on tetris nuke and making the ladder jump on mirage)
-audio needs to be adjusted. can’t hear correctly and sounds too “radio like” (best example is listening at Nuke B Lower and hearing footsteps on A and vice versa, sonuds like i’m underwater)
-delay between a smoke landing on top of a molly (not sure when i’ll stop burning? more testing needed)
-delay when trying to throw a 2nd flashbang after throwing the 1st with nade bind
-jump throw bind makes it possible to use left+right click whilst running utility (barrel molly while running monster Overpass is 99x more random now)
-cl_bob_lower_amt 5 and viewmodel_recoil 0 please
obviously my thoughts won’t impact what valve actually ends up doing but it’s a nice outlet to rant on X!

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