Although there has been an endless stream of news about CS:GO update Source 2 recently, it seems that everyone is still unable to know the true idea of Valve for version release. However, today, a small operation by Valve on the background cover of CS: GO official Twitter convinced everyone that Valve’s developers were using it to hint at the release date of the CS: GO update Source 2 engine. On the new background image, the developer placed 5 characters with LOGO graphics in the image.

According to netizens’ speculation, the developer’s operation should mean the countdown to the release of Source 2. Valve is likely to replace this image every day in the next few days to reduce the figure’s LOGO graphic. According to the Valve’s law of never working overtime, the release time of the new version is most likely between March 23rd and 24th.

Recently, Gabe Follower announced that CS:GO has added Source 2 to the DPR (Developer Pre Release File) branch, which usually occurs on or a few days before the game is released. In addition, relevant information is released daily from players to the media, and it is also constantly reminding everyone that Source 2 is indeed coming!

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