According to media reports, Heroic held a special shareholders’ meeting today, which included the financial crisis faced by the club, stating that the club needs to obtain sufficient investment funds before the summer to continue its operations.

In the shareholders’ notice, Joachim Haraldsen, the former CEO and current chairman of Heroic, quantified and explained the company’s capital requirements: The club needs NOK 80 million (approximately equivalent to US $7.5 million) to maintain its basic business and operate until 2025, and currently needs NOK 10 million to maintain the club’s operations until the beginning of the summer of 2023.

It is worth noting that due to a shortage of funds in the club, Heroic recently disbanded its PUBG team, claiming that it was unable to continue supporting the operation of the PUBG team. Currently, as Heroic has not responded to the follow-up interview with, it is unclear how the fiscal tightening will affect the CS: GO division. We hope that the cadiaN can lead the team members to adjust their mentality during this difficult period and play a higher level in the subsequent matches.

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