The total duration of the game is 3 minutes, which can also be selected to qualify for the CS2 beta?

A few days ago, on the Reddit forum, a post was topped with a hot search. A CSer shared a friend from his friend list who received CS2 beta qualifications. This “Lucky Egg” CS:GO game lasted only 3 minutes, but he received CS2 beta qualifications.

This situation has made many CSers difficult to accept: I have been a veteran for 10 years, with 5000+hours. Recently, I have been playing crazy games, but I still can’t compete with players for 3 minutes?

The reason why CSers are so “angry” is the huge contrast between the popularity of CS2 and the few invited qualifications. According to the calculation of well-known anchor Ohne Pixel (the audience in the live broadcast room is generally 10000), currently only about 3% of the total players have CSer beta qualifications. The reason why Ohne Pixel was able to come up with this crazy number is because he regularly conducts a questionnaire survey in the Twitch Live Room, which is equivalent to a random sampling. Ask the proportion of live audience who have obtained CS2 test qualification. After multiple tests, the number has stabilized at around 3%. So Ohne Pixel came to this conclusion.

However, this figure remains to be discussed. The first is the validity of the questionnaire. Some live audience members may intentionally fill in errors to mislead other CSers. In addition, it should be taken into account that if a CSer has obtained the CS2 beta qualification, he may be experiencing CS2 at a high rate and will not come to OhnePixel’s live broadcast room to watch the live broadcast, which virtually reduces the proportion.

So when a CSer shared the invited event for 3 minutes, many CSers were filled with indignation. However, there are also CSers who have expressed their own views on the ID, and at the current testing stage, V Society is trying to increase the diversity of samples as much as possible in order to identify more CS2 bugs and prepare for subsequent optimization work. The “lucky egg” that was invited in three minutes may be something special.

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