The highly anticipated BLAST Paris Major will reignite in a few days. As the 19th Major in history and the last Major in the CSGO era, this event is destined to be recorded in history. At the same time, this competition has also produced many interesting numbers, let’s take a look at what’s interesting about this Major:

Since Valve started hosting Major in 2013, BLAST Paris Major has become the 19th event in history and will also bring the CSGO era to an end.

As the organizer of this event, this is BLAST’s first major event in CSGO history. Since then, BLAST has become the eighth organizer to host Major events, following IEM, PGL, Dreamhack, ELEAGUE, FACEIT, StarLadder, and MLG.

The total prize pool of Major this time continues to maintain a prize size of 1.25 million US dollars, making it the second highest prize in Major’s history. Prior to this, the total bonus pool of PGL Stockholm Major in 2021 was as high as $2 million, the highest in its history.

Unlike the IEM Rio Major, as this Major is not hosted by ESL/IEM, the ownership of the championship will not affect Intel’s competition for the fifth season Grand Slam.

The champion of BLAST Paris Major will directly qualify for this year’s IEM Cologne and BLAST year-end finals.

Will this be Karrigan's last Major trip at the age of 33?

Will this be Karrigan’s last Major trip at the age of 33?

There are a total of 13 participants in this Major competition who have previously won the Major championship. Among them, Karrigan, Twistzz, Brooky, rain, ropz, apEX, electronic, s1mple, Perfecto, and b1t each won the championship once; KRIMZ has taken it twice; Magisk has won three championships in total; Dupreeh has won four championships. In addition, Devilwalk and Xizt, who currently serve as coaches for BNE and Heroic, have also recorded one championship each.

NAVI is the only team in history to participate in all 19 Major events.

The previous Major champion Virtus. pro (Outsiders) failed to qualify for the European RMR and became the only defending champion team in Major’s history to fail to participate in the next Major.

There are four clubs that have won Major championships in history participating in BLAST Paris Major: fnatic, NaVi, NiP, and FaZe Clan.

This is the first time in the history of Paris to host a Major event, and also the 14th city in Major history to host a Major event. The top 13 cities are Jönköping, Katowice, Cologne, Cluj-Napoca, Columbus, Atlanta, Krakow, Boston, London, Berlin, Stockholm, Antwerp and Rio.

Mirage will be the only map in the map pool for all Major players in attendance history. Previously, Nuke was absent three times, while Inferno and Dust2 each missed two Major events. Anubis will also make her debut on the Major stage after the last update.

dupreeh has participated in Major 19 times in a row

Dupreeh is the only player to have experienced all 19 Majors. Ranked second are shox, Xyp9x, karrigan, and apEX, all four of whom have participated in the 17th Major.

Four veteran players who participated in the first DreamHack Major in 2013 will once again appear on the stage in Paris, including cadiaN, karrigan, apEX, and dureeph.

A total of 25 contestants will embark on their first Major tour of their professional careers in Paris.

The Chinese team has not been able to participate in this CSGO’s highest hall event for the third consecutive time, with the last appearance on the Major stage being Stockholm Major in 2021. The Mongolian team, also from the Asian region, attended Major for the third consecutive time.

The oldest contestants for BLAST Paris Major are Karrigan (33 years old) and Snappi (32.9 years old). Following closely are apEX at 30.2 years old, followed by dupreeh at 30.1 years old and roeJ at 29.4 years old. The youngest players are npl (17.8 years old) who is not yet 18 years old and Techno4K (17.9 years old) from the Mongolian team.

The contestants for this Major competition come from 33 countries and regions, a slight decrease compared to the previous 35.

Npl is the youngest contestant in this competition

Denmark and Brazil are the countries with the highest number of contributors to this Major, each contributing 15 contestants. The third ranked country is Poland, with a total of 10 contestants participating. Due to the knockouts of Cloud9 and, Russia has only 9 players playing this time.

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