Boombl4 from 1WIN team was interviewed after entering the BetBoom Playlist Freedom finals. He shared his emotions after defeating SAW, speculated that NAVI needs a new substitute, and talked about vacation plans and progress as a commander.

Feelings after winning against SAW and plans for the off-season.

Boombl4: It was tough to win on Nuke, but we felt better playing on Overpass. You could see that we played better on T and CT sides. I am satisfied with the BO3 against SAW because we made it to the finals. I hope to spend the off-season with the victory of this tournament.

I once had an idea to release a new song during the summer break. I even had a demo, but I won’t disclose who I collaborated with. Now, I have decided to take care of my physical health. I started dieting about a month ago and have been trying to stick to it (how is it going?). It’s going pretty well, I have already lost 12 kilograms, but the first 7 kilograms were lost in the first week, and it has become more difficult since then as I often don’t have time for physical activities due to training.

During the vacation, I want to go to the gym and visit the doctor to check for hormone and other related issues to relax my mind, improve my physical condition, and start the new quarter’s work plan.

Feelings about commanding.

Boombl4: We have a lot of formal matches to play now, so we don’t have much time for practice matches. We participate in formal matches every day, so we try to use them for practice by fixing mistakes and learning new skills from other teams. IEM Dallas has also started. I will keep an eye on top teams to look for new ideas and methods. I am gradually recovering my commanding ability. With each game, my confidence is growing. The more matches we play, the faster we improve.

About NAVI

Boombl4: NAVI is still in the process of rebuilding, with a new commander and a young trainee player accumulating experience. I am not surprised by NAVI’s poor performance. Let’s see what happens in the future. There will be an off-season and the arrival of CS2. I don’t know the specific situation of substitutes, as it is not my decision to make.

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