Recently, the CIS whistleblower OverDrive stated on his social media platform that degster has most likely played his last game for OG, as he has no intention of returning to the team.

OverDrive revealed that Degster has no intention of returning to OG

In the whistleblower’s statement, OverDrive mentioned that degster most likely won’t appear in OG’s starting lineup again since he is not satisfied with his position in the team and the team hasn’t provided him with enough space, which made him consider leaving. Coincidentally, OG’s former sniper, mantuu, also touched upon this topic in an interview, stating that his reasons for leaving were similar to degster‘s.

Degster did not travel with the team for the IEM Dallas tournament and OG did not officially state the reason for his absence in their announcement. They only mentioned that Regali would replace him in the tournament. As for whether degster will leave OG as mentioned by OverDrive, we will have to wait and see.

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