After 11 years of competing on the CS:GO professional stage, Robin Rönnquist, better known as flusha, one of the greatest players Sweden has ever produced, has announced his retirement. With an impressive record of 22 offline tournament championships and three Major titles over his career, flusha leaves a remarkable legacy. He was a consistent presence in the top echelons of the game, earning the Yearly Top 20 Player title for four consecutive years and even reaching second place in 2014.

Three-time Major champion and Swedish legendary player flusha announces retirement

On August 8, 2013, flusha officially joined fnatic, marking the beginning of his legendary professional journey. Virtually all of his crucial championship victories occurred during his time with fnatic. In the earlier years, he joined forces with JW, olofmeister, and KRiMZ to establish a dynasty, securing three Major championships and a runner-up position. During this period, he also briefly left fnatic alongside Markus Wallsten (pronax) and Jesper Wecksell (JW) to form GODSENT in 2016, only to return to fnatic with JW after six months. This partnership led to a deep friendship and earned them a reputation as top-tier players known as the “twin stars.” After a second departure from fnatic in September 2018, flusha joined Cloud9 and remained there until February 2019. In April 2021, flusha left fnatic for the final time, later joining EYEBALLERS with JW. Following an unrewarding season, flusha has now officially announced his retirement.

In his retirement statement, flusha expressed:

“I’ve been feeling a lack of motivation for some time, and I don’t enjoy the game anymore.”

“I also felt like EYEBALLERS needed some fresh blood, so it was a well-thought-out decision. I’ve been thinking about it since last year, and once you have these thoughts, maybe the right thing to do is not to try and force things.”

“Stopping now feels like the right time. I’m not that old compared to some others, but I’ve accomplished a lot and am satisfied with everything I’ve done. There’s not much left for me to cherish here; it doesn’t make sense to stay on the server if you don’t enjoy it.”

“I’m very satisfied with my career; I got to be part of it and win a lot, especially during my time with fnatic. What I’m especially happy about is forming friendships with these teammates, particularly JW and KRiMZ. We’ve shared incredible memories.”

Three-time Major champion and Swedish legendary player flusha announces retirement

flusha’s career was marked by numerous championship victories in prestigious tournaments:

・DreamHack Winter 2013

・SLTV StarSeries X Finals (MVP)

・FACEIT League Season 2 Finals

・ESWC 2014

・Fragbite Masters Season 3 Finals (MVP)

・ESEA Invite Season 17 Global Finals

・Inferno Online Pantamera Challenge

・ESL One Katowice 2015

・DreamHack Open Tours 2015

・Gfinity 2015 Spring Masters 2

・DreamHack Open Summer 2015

・ESL ESEA Pro League Season 1 Finals

・ESL One Cologne 2015 (MVP)

・FACEIT League 2015 Stage 3 Final

・Fragbite Masters Season 5 Finals

・ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2 Finals

・SL i-League StarSeries XIV Finals

・ESL Barcelona CS:GO Invitational

・IEM Katowice 2016

・IEM Katowice 2018 (MVP)

・WESG 2017 World Finals

・DreamHack Masters Malmö 2019

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